Sino Hotel Customers Can Now Use eLong High Quality Travel Booking Services !

Since 2013 March 16th Sino Hotel travel services are taken over by eLong, a leading travel agency in China. For your convenience, this telephone number will continue to be operative. Alternatively you can get in touch with eLong for your hotel and air ticket reservations dialing 4006-171717 if in China or 86-10-8457-7827 if you are abroad.

For bookings generated before March 15th 2013, please call 86-10-59059012.

eLong is a NASDAQ listed company specialized in hotels and air ticket booking services and offering consumers a leading hotel network of almost 200,000 bookable domestic and international properties in 200 countries worldwide. Sino Hotel users can log onto or; and also can call the following numbers:400-810-6868(China);400-886-7919(China).

eLong will be dedicated to serving you !

艺龙旅行网全面为 Sino Hotel 会员提供优质商旅预订服务 !

    2013 年 3 月 16 日起,艺龙旅行网全面为 Sino Hotel 会员提供专业的旅行服务。您可以通过拨打预订电话 4006-171717  或 86-10-8457-7827 (如果您身处中国大陆以外地区)获取酒店和机票预订服务。

2013 年 3 月 15 日之前的所有订单和业务您可拨打:86-10-59059011 咨询或处理。

    艺龙旅行网是中国领先的在线旅行服务提供商,美国纳斯达克上市公司,艺龙旅行网可以提供国内及全球 200 多个国家和地区的近 200,000 家酒店预订服务。   Sino Hotel 用户可以登录 ,也可继续使用原服务电话 400-810-6868(中国);400-886-7919(中国)。



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